Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Administering a site without the requisite stats is like captaining a rudderless ship: you are out in the high seas without a clue on where you are and the direction of your destination. Analytics reveal how your site performs and help you to gauge the efficacy of the different strategies you employ in your website. The sages said that you can’t improve what you can’t measure; therefore, by allowing you to measure different aspects of your site, the plugins help you to accordingly improve the website so that it is up to scratch. Below is a roundup of six Google analytics plugins that every WordPress user needs in their site…

Google Analytics by Monsterinsights (Formerly known as Google Analytics by Yoast)

Google Analytics by Monsterinsights helps to track the number of visitors to a site as well as the number of downloads or clicks on outbound links. The data it gleans from the activities on the site is available and accessible on your website’s dashboard- meaning you don’t have to open another website to check out the data. The plugin uses an asynchronous code that is lightweight and, therefore, which doesn’t exert unnecessary pressure on the server. It comes with a host of filters to help you figure out the exact user base. You may use either the free or premium one depending on your needs. However, for beginners, it is advisable you go for the free version before upgrading to the premium one.

WP Statistics

This plugin gives advanced plugins a run for their money owing to its impressive range of features. The data it gleans off activities on the site is displayed vide easy-to-understand graphs. The plugin comes with a thorough admin manual accessible from the plugin’s dashboard. One of the critical aspects of the plugin is that it allows you to follow visitors, page stats, current sessions, browser details, as well as queries from major search engines. Moreover, for visitors who prefer their privacy while surfing, their IPs can be hashed or masked.

Google Analytics WD

Google Analytics WD easily and seamlessly integrates Google Analytics to your website and comes with default features such as statistics overviews, traffic information, analytics reporting and a lot more. You may opt for the free version or the pro version. While the free version is powerful, it is limited in how much it can do. The Pro Versions unlock many more features such as ecommerce tracking, pushover notifications, and etc.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

If you are working with no budget, then go for Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. The most remarkable thing about this plugin is that you’ll see live stats on each page or post. It comes multi-site ready- meaning that you may allow each network site owner to include their Google Analytics tracking code and show the stats in the WP dashboard.


Analytify provides you with a detailed breakdown of a post’s stats on both the frontend and the backend. You do not have to navigate through individual sections of Google Analytics to get this tool; it is already there on one page.


With the help of the listed plugins, you can make the most out of Google Analytics. In case there is another very useful Google Analytic tool that I didn’t include in the list, please tell us in the comment section below.