Essential WordPress Security Plugins

Regardless of your choice of hosting company, your WordPress website is always vulnerable to threats and exploits. It is estimated that there are on average 30,000 successful attacks on WordPress websites everyday. That is why it is essential to protect your website with one of the following WordPress security plugins.

BulletProof Security

Available in a free and paid version, BulletProof Security offers a robust set of security features in both versions. Able to offer login and security monitoring, along with full and partial database backups, table prefix changers and automatic idle session lockouts, the free version of this plugin is robust enough to offer a solid layer of protection against WordPress targeted threats.

Another feature that makes this plugin a favorite for webmasters is its one-click setup wizard. This intuitive installation feature allows those who are not knowledgeable about the back-end functionality of server and CMS management to easily and correctly install the plugin configured for maximum protection.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security¬†has been in existence since 2008 and is constantly being improved and updated. It was formerly known as “Better WP Security.” It offers more than 30 ways to protect the integrity of your WordPress core, themes and other plugins.

Its claim to fame is its ability to offer enhanced protection against brute force attacks. It accomplishes this by using data gathered by its own detection network that logs the IP addresses that have been found to be originating these types of attacks. It then blocks access to the sites that have the plugin installed from those originating IPs to prevent them from being attacked. Since all of this is handled entirely by the plugin and its detection network, it is an easy and hands-free way to offer your website proactive security protection.


The WordFence security plugin identifies itself as the most comprehensive security plugin for WordPress. It has over one million active installs and is consistently rated between 4.8 and 4.9 on the official plugin section.

The plugin offers site protection along three important levels. First, it functions as a comprehensive firewall. This prevents threats by stopping them from getting into your site from the beginning.

Second, WordFence scans for and blocks malware. It does this for all of your site’s live traffic as well as for the normal core and database files that are present in your WordPress installation.

As a third layer of security, WordFence offers a robust traffic monitoring package. This allow you to see in a live format what sort of traffic is on your site — how many users are logged in, visiting bots, logouts, 404 errors etc. This is useful not only to gather insightful metrics on your site, but also to visually detect non-coordinated attacks on your site, such as those from a blackhat “negative SEO” campaign.

All In One WP Security and Firewall

What makes this security plugin a favorite for many is the way that it conducts a risk assessment of your current WordPress install. It scans the core of your installation along with other files on your server and compares them to the latest best practices for WordPress security. It then provides the webmaster with a score indicating how well protected their site is. It then walks the user though all of the areas that could be improved categorizing the required modifications as beginner, intermediate or advanced. This is done with the purpose of allowing the webmaster to decide what to modify and what to leave alone based on the likelihood of the changes breaking the site.

Ideal for those that want a security plugin that is both strong and user-friendly, All In One WP Security and Firewall is a sound choice.

Effective WordPress security is a dynamic activity, one that is constantly being molded and improved by the hundreds of thousands that rely on WordPress for their content management. Have you used any of these plugins? If so, please share your insight. Likewise, if you use other security plugins that you feel are equal to or better for the task, please share those as well.